Mark and Bronwyn have been in the ministry for over thirty years, they were saved through YWAM in 1972. In March, 1995 Mark and Bron decided to  pioneer Eastcoast City Church at a primary school hall in Coogee with their six kids and three other adults. Since then they have seen Eastcoast flourish and grow into a strong community church that has three generations of family members attending.

I believe that Church is not just about a's about the people who gather within it and the local community that surrounds it.

Mark’s favourite saying is  ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ but sometimes he shortens it to ‘There’s More!’ because he believes that God’s people should be constantly growing – ‘From Glory to Glory, He is changing us’. As Eastcoast’s Senior Pastor, Mark is adamant our heavenly Father has a future and plan for everyone…there is always MORE to look forward to!”