Mark and Bronwyn have been in the ministry for over thirty years, they were saved through YWAM in 1972. In March, 1995 Mark and Bron decided to pioneer Eastcoast City Church at a primary school hall in Coogee with their six kids and three other adults. Since then they have seen Eastcoast flourish and grow into a strong community church that has three generations of family members attending.

Mark & Bronwyn Bridgewater

Senior Pastors

Since their marriage in 2012, Rick and Kate have served as Eastcoast's Worship Directors, overseeing the band and production team. They have aided our Senior Pastor & Creative Director, Bronwyn Bridgewater in producing Christmas Productions and organising items at all of our major events.

As of mid 2014, Rick and Kate are now on staff as the Youth Pastors and have a heart to see all young people impacted by God's love and be radically transformed.

Rick & Kate McNamara

Worship & Youth Pastors

Lou and Felix are the Young Adults Pastors of Eastcoast. Alongside this they have also began a Young Families ministry which is flourishing and reaching out to not only young families but also to solo parents.

Lou is currently the director of DIY Playgroup, which runs on thursdays and fridays as a community outreach program and also oversees the Coast Kids programs for 0-5year olds.

Lou & Felix Antonius

Young Adults & Families Pastors