Where the search ends and the adventure begins!

Eastcoast is a community that is committed to connecting people to God and each other through a deep, personal faith in Jesus.

 Why ‘Eastcoast?’

Because the sun ‘rises’ in the East! (Malachi 4:2)

It’s time to catch the mighty Seventh Wave – ‘the saving wave of redemption’! The seventh wave is the largest in the set of seven waves! It’s the ‘final wave’ and it comes from the ‘East’ for those of us who live in Australia! Welsh legend also tells of the power of the ‘seventh wave’. The seventh wave of the sea is regarded as rescuing water and has greater power than any wave preceding it.  It is said that if a drowning man can catch the seventh wave he will be saved.  However, if a man is swimming to shore and is overtaken by the wave, chances are he will never reach land. Eastcoast’s heart is to be a community of God’s people who know how to capture and move with power of God’s love that saves lives, heals and transforms.